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First Sunday of Advent – November 28, 2021

We have returned to in-person worship.  In keeping with Co-vid protocols, please use  the Wyatt Street entrance. 

Advent is about the “coming days.” God’s people have always lived in great expectation, but that expectation finds specific, repeated enunciation in the texts appointed for these four weeks. The ancients anticipated a “righteous Branch to spring up for David.” The Thessalonians awaited “the coming of our Lord Jesus with all the saints.” Jesus’ contemporaries hoped for the time “to stand before the Son of Man.” With them we eagerly await the coming days: another Christmas celebration, a second coming, and the advent of Christ in word and supper.  

A recording of the Sunday service will be posted on the St James Facebook page after the service.  You’ll find the link here:  https://www.facebook.com/598318140529854/live/

You’ll also find a copy of the worship outline on the “What We Do” tab under Upcoming Events.

Everyone is Welcome!

Should you wish a pastoral conversation, please call the church office at 519-669-5591


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