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Due to the Covid-19 virus all in-person worship and activities at St. James have been cancelled for the time being.

We are however, providing worship, prayers, scripture, and a message for Sunday morning on our Facebook page. 

I hope you’ll join us.

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost – June 20, 2021

Let the storm at sea stand for all that threatens life, for evil and for death. Today’s readings are full of such threats. Paul’s life has been marked by afflictions, some of which sound familiar to us: hardships, calamities, riots, sleepless nights. The whole book of Job tells the story of a man of suffering whose very life cries out to God. And the disciples in the boat are afraid, complaining to Jesus. We are in the same boat and we too are often afraid. At first Jesus seems to be quite hidden, asleep, silent. But then, with the disciples, we discover that all the power of God to create and hold all things, the very power that answered Job by appearing in the whirlwind, is found in Jesus Christ. Just so, in Mark Jesus seems to be hidden in suffering on the cross. But now is the day of salvation. By the power of the Spirit, the risen one is with us in our reading of the scriptures and in our keeping of his meal. In that presence, God says to all that threatens life, “Thus far and no farther!”  Opening our hearts wide to that word we also open our hearts wide to our neighbors’ need. With Paul, we are dying, and see we are alive!

Please join us Sunday at 10:00 a.m. for a service as we continue to search for the Spirit in our midst.
All worship services will be available on Facebook. You’ll find the link here: https://www.facebook.com/598318140529854/live/
You’ll also find a copy of the worship outline on the “What We Do” tab under upcoming events.

Everyone is Welcome!

Should you wish a pastoral conversation, please call the church office at 519-669-5591